1. From the East:
  2. Brothers thismonth’s schedule: Here is theTrestle Board for the month of March. You are encouraged to come out and help.


    Also please look to the calendar on the website if you have questions about times and dates



    Thewebsite address is:




    Thu Mar 3    

     7:00pm – 9:00pm       Stated Meeting - 716 N. 4th Street, Killeen, TX


    Mon Mar 7    

     6:30pm – 9:00pm       WSRB Stated Meeting - Waco Scottish Rite, Waco, Texas               


    Tue Mar 8     

    All day            New moon 7:54pm

    7:00pm – 9:00pm        Wes-Bell Meeting - 170 East Central Texas Expressway, Harker Heights, TX

    7:30pm – 9:00pm        Mt. Hiram Lodge #595 Stated Meeting - 802 N. First Street, Copperas Cove, TX    


    Wed Mar 9    

     7:00pm – 8:30pm       Lodge Practice Night - 716 N. Fourth Street, Killeen, TX     


    Thu Mar 10  

    7:30pm – 9:00pm        Belton Lodge #166 Stated Meeting - 106 East 2nd Street, Belton, TX


    Fri Mar 11    

    6:00pm – 7:00pm        National Sojojourners 


    Sun Mar 13   

    All day            Daylight Saving Time starts


    Mon Mar 14  

     7:30pm – 9:00pm       King Solomon #1427 Stated Meeting - 16 E. Central Avenue, Temple, TX


    Tue Mar 15   

    All day            First Quarter 12:03pm

    7:00pm – 9:00pm        Temple Commandery 41 Stated Conclave - 716 N. Fourth Street, Killeen, TX         


    Wed Mar 16  

    5:00pm – 6:00pm        Commandery Practice - 716 N. Fourth Street, Killeen, TX

    7:00pm – 8:30pm        Lodge Practice Night - 716 N. Fourth Street, Killeen, TX


    Thu Mar 17  

    7:30pm – 8:30pm        DDGM Visit Killeen #1125

    7:30pm – 9:30pm        Stated Meeting - 716 N. 4th Street, Killeen, TX


    Mon Mar 21  

     7:00pm – 9:30pm       Killeen Chapter and Council - 716 N. 4th Street, Killeen, TX

    7:30pm – 9:00pm        Knob Creek #401 Stated Meeting - 16 E. Central Avenue, Temple, TX

    7:30pm – 9:00pm        Salado Lodge #296 Stated Meeting - 95 South Church, Salado, TX 



    Tue Mar 22              

    7:30pm – 9:30pm        Killeen Chapter 490, OES - 716 N. 4th Street, Killeen, TX


    Wed Mar 23             

    All day            Full moon 7:01am

    7:00pm – 8:30pm        Lodge Practice Night - 716 N. Fourth Street, Killeen, TX


    Sat Mar 26    

     8:00am – 9:00am        Fellowship Breakfast 

    4:30pm – 5:30pm        Mount Horeb Lodge (Chapter)

    5:30pm – 6:30pm        Mount Horeb Lodge (Council)

    7:00pm – 8:30pm        Florence Lodge #338 Stated Meeting - 503 Brewster Street, Florence, TX 

    7:30pm – 8:30pm        Mount Horeb Lodge #137 (Blue Lodge)


    Sun Mar 27   

     All day           Easter Sunday


    Mon Mar 28  

    7:30pm – 9:00pm        King Solomon #1427 Stated Meeting - 16 E. Central Avenue, Temple, TX


    Wed Mar 30  

    7:00pm – 8:30pm        Lodge Practice Night - 716 N. Fourth Street, Killeen, TX


    Thu Mar 31  

    All day            Last quarter 10:17am


    Mon Apr 4    

    6:30pm – 9:00pm        WSRB Stated Meeting - Waco Scottish Rite, Waco, Texas


    Tue Apr 5     


    7:30pm – 9:00pm        Zerne Lodge #615 Stated Meeting - 110 South Austin, Holland, TX  





Douglas (Jay) Lohman, Jr. W/M

Junior Warden

Under development

The Petition Process

To petition to become a mason.

1. Come by the lodge and visit. We practice on Wednesday evenings starting around 6pm

2. Ask for a pitition. Rember the bumper sticker 2b1/ask1.

3. We will explain the rest when we meet you.

Lodge Notices


We have practice on Wednesdays.

We work on all degrees and it would be great to see you come out and join us.

Been away for a while and don't remember your work,  come on down.

Remember we help each other!



Endowed Members


Thomas H. Norman, Sr.



Ronnie L. Crabill

Arthur V. Hull

D. L. Bonner



Robert N. (Bo) Thompson

Arthur B. Browning

Roy L. Alexander

Charles S. Coleman

Donald M. Harp

Lester Tolliver

James E. Livingston

Alvin Edward Rawls

Robert G. Williams



Alton L. Garrett, Sr.

Billie F. Loughry

Arthur V. Browning

Marvin E. Hamblin

Charles Lee Ledford

Tolly K. Moore

William E. Cox

Grady M. Driver

Charles L. Homewood

Robert P. Kunard

Ford J. Harmon

Harold T. Bonner

Saba S. Halaby

Franklin L. Hughes

Timothy Ross Mitcham

John D. Huntley

Joe Gayle Long

Billy E. Havens

Cecil W. Johnson



Walker E. Gillum

Phillip A. Ferren

Clarence R. Clements

Charles L. Kendall

Clarence Watson

Aubry Ray Farris

Lonnie J. Upshaw

Stanley L. Weiss

Authur S. Bussey

John E. Mabry

F. Charles Boyd

William C. Dodd, Sr.

 Thomas M. Hind, II

Cecil W. Moore



William J. Tomecek, Jr.

Marion M. Gentry

Tary Don Wilkinson

Robert Lee Murry, Jr.

Clem E. Tucker

Edward Lee Watkins, Sr.



Lynn M. Weber

Daniel James Bray

Robert Lee Murry, Sr.

Sean M. Wachutka

Donald Ray Finley, Sr.

Henry Leo Caldwell

James R. Rominger

Bobby Jack Mather

Eugene H. Bishop



Steven Obie Sims






Charles E. Hilliard

Richard F. Kennedy

Kenneth Bert Bridges

Weldon Len Whitis

Robert Erwin Henderson

John D. Payne, Sr.



Franklin D. Moore

Charles Davis Miller



Garry Eugene Summers






Jerry D. Henderson

Gregory F. Eisenhauer

Thomas Morrow Bates

James Iverson Pauley



Denver Ray Henderson

James Wade Cosper

Gary C. Boen

William T. Stubblefield

Elmo V. Correll

Richard A. Page Sr.



Daniel Brian Fugazzi

Jerry F. Eller

Kenneth Wayne Bryant



Michael Patrick Duffy

Thomas Gregory Nickson

David James Gillespie

Clifford L. Petrey

Andrew C. Jones



Robert Hernandez



David Scott Caillouet

David Luke Parchman

Thomas M. Schroeder

Joseph Wade Burris

Mannon Royce Turner, Jr.

Bryan Roger Daniel

Juan Rogelio Nunez



Bud Eugene Morris

Raymond Sanford Batchelor

Edward Wayne Smith

Brian Scott Bagent

Charles E. Campbell

Tommy Joe Tauro



Weldon James Bowling

B. J. Murphy

Richard Matthew Salter

James J. Davila, Sr.



George R. Walters

Michael William Rush

Troy J. Van Meter

Max W. Boyd



Thomas R. Dees, Jr.

Timothy J. Adkinson

John M. Sample

Dale M. Gannon

Joe M. Maines

Harrold E. Rice

Robert K. Bricker, Sr.

John H. Rhamy, Jr.

Raymond J. Jarosh

Clyde W. Kintigh

Hubert G. Collins

Louis P. Dionne

Raymond R. Lawrason

Charles W. Durr

Charles William Marrow



Thomas R. Fisher

Eugene J. French

Walter T. Weaver

Danny A. Murphy

Nicholas J. Kempenich

Ryan Joseph O'Neal

Jeffrey Alan Theal

Kenneth T. Leonard

Christopher J. Beliveau



Douglas W. Driver

Gregory Carbajal

Robert D. Sutton

Bryan Mark Cisco

Richard Keith Downey

Paul Donald Spillane, Jr.

Luiz Torrez Lopez, Jr.



Kelly D. T. Gillespie



Monte Lee Hayden

Derek H. Nielsen

Qui Ta Gentry


Lawrence Keith Wilson

Dave E. Conder


William E. Barrett

Dana Patrick Quinn

Scott J. Walters

Aaron E. Windsor